Crew Management System

Crew Management System

Use your human resources rapidly and effectively by performing all your processes regarding your personnel on a single application. Facilitate your personnel management, improve your operational power and maximize the efficiency of your employees.

Manage from a single point

Collect the personnel documents with due dates such as seamen's identity cards, passports, visas, certificates and contracts of your personnel and their up-to-date information at a single point, and thus do not overlook any document date and take precautions beforehand.
Plan the replacements easily, find the best candidates for replacement and assign them to their roles. Check the compatibility of the shipmen to the role easily based on their contract and certificate due dates, take precautions against possible issues.

Keep the information confidential

Take notes and write comments about your personnel by being sure that they will be kept confidential in the company thanks to the manager assessment section.

Track personnel improvement 

Nozzle yönetici değerlendirme bölümü ile şirket içinde gizli kalacak şekilde personeliniz hakkında yorum ve notlar alın.

Personel gelişimini takip edin 

Monitor all on-deck or on-land assessments regarding personnel and the company comments for these assessments, trainings that the personnel failed and their post-training performances. 

Review personnel experience

Personelinizin aktif olarak ve geçmişte hizmet verdiği tüm gemileri, süreleri, ayrıldığı liman ve nedenlerini kayıt edin ve ihtiyacınız olduğunda kolayca bakabilin.

Turn information into value 

Use the following statistics offered to you by NOZZLE based on the information that you have 
  • Personnel loyalty rates
  • Role- and competence-based statistics
  • Age-based statistics
  • Intern/student absenteeism statistics

View the work status of personnel in detail and take precautions.

Do not get wrapped up in allowances 

Calculate the shipmen monthly expenses and allowances in detail.

Maintain your compliance to international standards

Comply to OCMIF requirements using OFFICER MATRIX if you are a business or owner of a tanker fleet. 
Change the rules through NOZZLE as OCMIF requirements change and keep up with the change.
Manage chemical tanker specific processes such as Certificate of Competency, Issuing Country, Tanker Certification, STCW V Para and Radio Qualification.


Manage your fleet, whether it is a dry cargo vessel, tanker or any other ship.