How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint?

How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint?

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The 26th Conference of the Parties, COP26, is being held in Glasgow this November 2021. All industries will be working hand in hand to help slow down the climate change process by supporting decarbonization projects.

   NOZZLE’s innovative and game-changing approach is precisely what this era needs—cost-efficient, less Carbon releasing vessels, thus greener ocean transportation.

   NOZZLE understands that fuel consumption optimization will always be necessary even if the vessels will start using a new form of fuel in the future. The NOZZLE Ship Management System Software helps you collect an extremely large amount of data from every aspect of the vessel and process it into KPI reports, comparison sheets, and other saved documents.

   Building the most proper supply chain management; analyzing and processing the data in transparency is very important to cut costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

   NOZZLE is working on new decarbonization projects that are environmentally friendly, and we will make our announcements as we finalize.

   Stay tuned. Stay Safe.