Operation Management System

Operation Management System

Improve your power by facilitating all your operational processes. Reduce the operational burden of your personnel with end-to-end management opportunity and thus enable them to focus on their real jobs. Increase your navigation performance and maximize your profit.

Manage cruise details

Plan the trips of your ships in detail and easily. Monitor all required information such as navigation details, navigation backgrounds, current locations and personnel details on one screen.  View the technical details such as weather conditions and navigation time, and their analyses thanks to daily ship reports.

Audit the performance

View the fuel, oil and water consumption of ships. Analyze the entire fleet from a center while the ships analyze their own purchases and expenses. Achieve low emission values and true reporting with these performance analyses.

View on the map

View the traveled routes of your ships on the map based on ship reports.

Share harbor and terminal experience

View the loading and unloading reports of all loads in detail. Notify captains regarding any potential problem immediately thanks to the system enabling captains to share their experiences at harbors and terminals. Take precautions against any such possible problem at harbors and terminals.

Analyze revenues

Manage the revenues, harbor and fuel costs and their documents.
Monitor unexpected loss of time during the trips.
Learn the protests during loading or unloading (fleet, protest and harbor-based).

Control cargo traffic

Control every detail thanks to the analyses reports indicating the loaded and the discharged at each harbor.

Comply with energy efficiency standards

Maintain your ships' compliance to maritime sector standards (EEOI / EU-MRV) just by letting the data being processed for you. Improve your energy efficiency without increasing your work load.

Calculate your costs

Analyze harbor, fuel and other costs of your ships throughout their trip by calculating freight per trip.


Manage your fleet, whether it is a dry cargo vessel, tanker or any other ship.