Purchasing Management System

Purchasing Management System

End the chaos by carrying out all procurement processes from a single point. Decrease the costs by getting the best prices from all suppliers. Increase the profitability of your business by correctly analyzing all procurement data.

Keep your purchasing operations in order

Free your purchasing operations from chaos, and purchase spare parts, oil, consumables, provisions etc. from a single point. Receive warnings for the materials whose stocks are reducing. Purchase wisely before facing any stock problems. Work with catalogs. Work with international catalogs. Prevent any mistake in purchases. Prevent wrong product choices thanks to the software working in integration with Impa and other types of catalogs. Create special requests for products not included in the catalog.

Collect offers and select the best

Identify the best one among the offers received from suppliers for required materials based on price - performance. Reduce the costs by easily selecting the best offer. Take offers from all sellers for all required materials. Select the best fit for yourself using the offer comparison capability.

Improve your operational efficiency

View the traveled routes of your ships on the map based on ship reports.

Share harbor and terminal experience

Identify the people that will approve the price and priority of the material to be purchased. Increase your operational speed by taking approval from the right people.

View purchasing analyses

View the comparison analyses per ship/year indicating the amount spent for each material, the amount purchased from each supplier, the price of each material at each harbor etc.


Manage your fleet, whether it is a dry cargo vessel, tanker or any other ship.