Occupational Safety Module

Occupational Safety Module

Solve all the security and audit needs of your shipmen and ships on a single app. Maximize shipmen and navigation security. Manage all these security and audit processes easily by using time efficiently. Continue your ship operations uninterruptedly.

Audit and control

Plan and record all audits. Monitor audit periods regularly. Do not overlook anything with automatically regulated audit dates. Always comply with audit groups such as Internal SMS & ISPS Audit, External SMS & ISPS Audit (3rd party audit), ISO 3rd party audits, 2nd Party Audits, Flag State Inspection, ILO Inspection, Port State Control , Marpol Inspections, Sanitation Inspections, Class Inspections, SIRE / CDI Vettings, Company Inspections, TMSA Self Assessments by analyzing the results of your audits on NOZZLE. Stay up-to-date by adding new audit groups according to the conditions.

Be cautious against accidents and incidents

Identity any actual or possible incident that your ships may encounter during their daily operations, and ensure your shipmen to take precautions. Enable your shipmen to enter Accident, Incident and Near-miss reports based on International Safety Management (ISM) standards. Analyze the reports per ship, year, cruise etc. Monitor all these processes easily, and view the analyses.

Train your shipmen

Organize special case meetings, special operation meetings and regular meetings. Ensure your shipmen to follow all security and company procedures. Archive the training documents, decisions, contents and participants etc. neatly. Ensure easier sharing and task management. Take the suggestions of your captains regarding improvement of security, health, environment and quality factors in line with SHEQ discipline. Take the process under control and diagnose the problems early with plan-control-act cycle, and start solving them early.

Stay compliant with international audits

The check lists published by Paris MoU, Tokyo-Black Sea-Indian MoU and Caribbean MoU are updated regularly. Be ready for these intensive audits and always stay compliant. Ensure the safety of cargo and living space, and enable the shipmen to be informed about the procedures. Always be ready to the audits of Port State Control Officers carrying out routine PSC audits on all ship types.

Enable easier flow of information

Ensure better information flow instead of intense e-mail traffic. Categorize by creating titles such as circular notes, notices, reports, experiences etc. Add drawings, images and forms easily. Ensure your ship documents are full: NTM (Notice to Mariners), ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) ALRS All (Admirality List of Radio Signals) Chart Catalog, ECDIS Model


Manage your fleet, whether it is a dry cargo vessel, tanker or any other ship.