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What can be done with Nozzle Analysis and KPI Module?


    Within the scope of the purchasing process; It is possible to analyze separately for all components such as vendor, additional expense, Delivery Percentage material or material cost. Results can be compared to the determined KPI. For fleets or ship owners, it becomes possible to look at the process from the outside.


    There is information about whether the KPI is kept in the operational processes on the ship. However, It ensures that operational processes, errors made, deficiencies or corrections are displayed on a single screen. In this module, it is possible to report all components of the operation separately. Comprehensive results about ship, port fuel or speed are obtained.

  • 03. HSEQ

    Reports and analyzes added to the company’s data bank are stored here. Reports on the entire fleet can be viewed on a year-based single page. All of the reports sent by the ships to the company are displayed on this page in numbers and graphics.

    There is information about whether the determined KPIs are kept or not.

  • 04. CREW

    It is possible to get a comprehensive analysis of all the crew on board. Here; Besides an overall assessment of the entire crew, it is possible to analyze it according to health tests, average age and active working time. In this way, fleet companies can observe their crews from a broad perspective.

Fast, careful, accurate and real results are possible with Nozzle

With the analysis and KPI module, you can instantly access reports that take a long time to prepare and require high attention. With software solutions, you can instantly see your expectations, annual and monthly analyzes, and your proximity to your goals, and have the opportunity to intervene.

Nozzle gives you easy access to performance indicators for many departments and indicators recognized in the safety, finance, operations and maritime industry. You can also access the analysis results and graphics developed by our expert team.

As in every sector, the importance of speed and digitalization in the maritime sector is increasing day by day. With Nozzle’s analysis and KPI module, you can achieve your performance, financial, safety-related reporting and goals that require time and attention when done manually. Do not lag behind time and your competitors.

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Analysis & KPI - HSEQ

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