What are the Software Needs of the Maritime Industry?

What are the Software Needs of the Maritime Industry?

The fact that 90% of world trade is by the sea makes the maritime sector and maritime transport important for the world economy. Sea transport; It is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of shipping and transporting other raw materials and goods around the world.

However, in this sector where customer demands and expectations are very high, companies that depend on maritime transport to get their products to ports around the world are turning to operators that offer streamlined services and deeper values throughout the supply chain.

This puts intense pressure on maritime organizations to operate more efficiently, strategically, and profitably. In an increasingly competitive maritime supply chain environment, ship owners and operators are turning to software technology to meet their customers’ demands and meet global safety and sustainability expectations.


The crew is one of the most important issues in the maritime industry. Crews are crucial to the continuation of the operations of ships and fleets. For this reason, software solutions in crew management are one of the top needs of the maritime industry. If not every element in the maritime industry, most elements need software solutions that will not leave room for human errors. The software needs for crew management are in the first place.


When the procurement process is done manually, they are the processes that cause the most errors. Especially when we look at the maritime sector, it is seen that it is a great necessity to carry out the procurement process with a systematic and technological solution. Considering that most of the trade in the world is done with the maritime sector, using software solutions instead of making an extra effort to manage the supply processes is the most economical solution in terms of time and budget.

ISM & Document

Management of documents related to operations, ISM, crew, technical, and all other departments in the maritime industry causes detailed, complex, and time-consuming processes. At this point, software solutions that offer the option to manage from a single screen are among the basic needs of the industry. The maritime sector, like all other sectors, is a sector where reporting has complex processes and needs software solutions for these issues.


Inventory and stock information is one of the most important issues in the transportation, ship, and maritime industry. Instant viewing and monitoring of the stock amount on the ships are very important in the fleet and ship management processes. Solutions that leave no room for human error are required for the tracking of materials added to and removed from stock, the demand for products to be supplied to fleet ships, and the management of materials. This is possible with software solutions. The inventory management process in ship management needs software solutions.


When we look at the maritime sector, there are some technical needs in ships and fleets and instant reporting of these. It is important that the results of the reports and analyzes that are required to be made in accordance with the rules accepted in many parts of the world are error-free. There is a need for software solutions to get the results of mineral oil, fuel oil, water, oily water, sewage, incinerator samples with the details determined by the International Safety Management (ISM). This technique speeds up the management of processes and leaves no room for error.


Budget and financial management is management that requires professional management in the maritime sector as well as in all commercial sectors. In this professional management, the rate of use of software and technological infrastructure is directly proportional to success. Industry-specific software is required for finance and budget management in the maritime industry. Thus, commercial processes can be managed with minimum error with fast, reliable, and digital budget management solutions.


In the maritime sector, it is an important issue for companies to transfer the data of all operational processes from the departure to the arrival of the ship to the office and to monitor the voyages instantly. When all operational data in these processes are seen instantly, rapid intervention and control can be achieved, while manual processes that cause late notifications cause negative effects on the success of companies. For this reason, software-supported operational management in the maritime sector is among the important needs of the sector.

Analysis & KPI

When we look at the software needs of the maritime industry, we see that analysis and KPI are prominent topics. Reports that take a long time to be prepared and require high attention and preparation of periodic expectations analyzes quickly with the support of technology are solutions that speed up the maritime industry and increase the added value of companies. With software solutions, companies can have the opportunity to intervene by instantly seeing their expectations, annual and monthly analyzes, and your proximity to their goals. This is a very important time-saver in the maritime industry.