NOZZLE is an innovative company that eases your marine business information flow.


Over 20 years ago, NOZZLE had the vision to help marine businesses grow through specialized software by maximizing their potential. They brought a group of software engineers who used engineering principles and programming languages to improve the NOZZLE software in a constantly evolving environment. It is what made them stand out. They had created, improved, and maintained a system to meet the needs and standards of the maritime industry.

NOZZLE is a part of a Ship Management Corporate, and this was like an academy that accelerated their success. They used a ship management company’s experience to improve their software. This was what made them always one step ahead.

NOZZLE is one of the group companies held by Yildirim Holding. Yildirim Holding operates in 11 different sectors on four continents and 21 countries and employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. Since 2004 Yildirim Holding has invested more than 5 billion US$ in the acquisition, modernization, and improvement projects and has transformed the Group's affiliates into the most active actors in their fields. The Group's target is to acquire at least two ports globally every year and become one of the world's top 10 port & terminal operators by 2025.

NOZZLE enhances your energy in your desired direction.