Inventory management module specially developed for the maritime industry


It is an important topic for ship management to see in detail all the elements that make up the money, movable and immovable assets of a ship, with their amounts and values. When we say inventory management, all these items stand out as important stock information.

The inventory management system allows you to instantly see the stock amount of all materials on the ship. In addition, the materials added to and removed from the stock can be tracked, the demand for the products to be supplied to the fleet ships and the consumed materials can be managed.

With the inventory management module, the requests created by the ships, together with the missing materials and all the stock information are under control and come together on a single screen.

Inventory Management Is One Of The Most Important Issues In The Maritime Industry


Issues such as stock information and instant quantity change requires an important management approach in the maritime sector. Inventory management module provides error-free stock and material control throughout the entire ship management process. Inventory management, which offers a cloud-based solution, and the speed of software solutions in ship management come to the fore.

With inventory management, all items that can be calculated such as the value, amount, asset, unit price of all products on the ship can be included. The value of ships becomes measurable. All items that are important for shipowners and fleet companies are in the inventory management module.

Inventory Management With A Single Application Screen


With software solutions in the maritime industry, you can master many details on a single screen and overcome problems with fast solutions. NOZZLE’s inventory management module has been developed to offer you the fastest and most reliable solution. With our module specially developed for the dynamics of the sector, digital and mobilized solutions are with you anytime, anywhere.

NOZZLE also offers you the ability to create a database within each ship or fleet. With this created databank, you can view movable and immovable materials of ships and IHM reports on a single screen in a cloud-based software system.


Opportunities Of NOZZLE Inventory Management Module

  • 01. Material
    • Easy interface to identify material selections and options
    • Warning system at critical limits
    • Possibility to define materials to the system except for IMPA products
    • Search for materials using IMPA Code
  • 02. Storage Location
    • Possibility of keeping the movables in a cloud-based structure
    • Having all immovables carried by the ships in a cloud-based structure instead of keeping them in a manual chart on the side of the shipowner and company
  • 03. Inventory Transaction
    • Option to search by product with the infrastructure created for stock control
  • 04. Material Recommendation
    • Ability to add materials to the system by the ship
    • Software developed for the filterability of the materials added to the system by the ship.
  • 05. IHM Report
    • The option to include and check the IHM report here, which every ship should have.
  • 06. Onboard Materials
    • Option to perform equipment-based controls
    • An approximate list of quantities in equipment or other materials,
    • Monitor where certain harmful or hazardous substances that can tolerate limited quantities are located.
  • 07. Databank
    • A software solution that gains a flexible structure with the created data bank
    • Rapid management of the vessel inventory on the company and shipside.

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