Your most valuable assets will be safer with the NOZZLE planned maintenance system, PMS. It is one of the most important modules that facilitate your vessel to operate thoroughly.

Planned Maintenance System (Ship PMS) is a cloud-based proactive measure that helps maintain the ship's safe and cost-efficient operations at all times. The maintenance controls that are done at scheduled intervals give you less downtime and more efficiency.

To plan maintenance, you need to schedule a replacement part, assign, track every maintenance part, critical equipment, or spare part.

With NOZZLE PMS software, we help you succeed in your business obligations of being responsive to customers, shipping faster, safer, and at a lower cost than your competitors.

NOZZLE saves you time with reoccurring maintenance tasks and sister vessel PMS entries. NOZZLE gives the PMS database-building service.

The ISM inspects the ship's faultless operation.



  • 01.Maintenance

    The most foundational requirement for planned and unplanned maintenance operations is a robust system. NOZZLE vessel maintenance system helps you view scheduled, postponed, outstanding works and their history. Planning your maintenance will help reduce emergency downtime, save time, and monitor all your vessels and their requirements.

    Periodic maintenance and repair activities for the equipment can be defined in the cloud-based system. Work orders can automatically be created in the system based on defined periods, the desired date, or a measurement value. With these triggers, timely maintenance can be performed, and cost savings can be achieved by preventing possible errors.

  • 02. Equipment Management

    Monitor vessel equipment life cycle in order to make the right decisions on your ships. Every piece of equipment is detailed and listed in a ship, and their follow-up is done through the system. Equipment information, equipment description, type, brand, model, serial number, production date, location information, purchase date, the purchase price of the equipment, vendor information and address, purchase order number, warranty start-end date, responsible person, and many other measures are acquired from our Maritime Industry experience.
    NOZZLE is your one-size-fits-all solution system software.

  • 03. Spare Parts

    NOZZLE planned maintenance system works simultaneously with the Inventory module and Procurement module. This helps you list all the spare parts on your ship and categorize them according to their priorities. The list shows onboard quantities and warns you of a shortage or an amount below the minimum stock level.
    You can access any data belonging to the spare part, such as the spare part brand, supplier company, purchase price, unit, the area where the spare part is stocked on board, thus providing ease and speed of work. An order is placed for the material remaining below the stock level, or an automatic requisition can be created through the system, depending on the situation. Element 4 of the TMSA aims for the company to manage onboard maintenance to ensure reliability of the vessel effectively. The company identifies all equipment and machinery required to be included in the PMS.

  • 04. Running Hours, Counters and Measurements

    The in-use maintenance parts need to be monitored closely to estimate their life span. NOZZLE Counter and Measurement system allows you to check all the readings for the equipment and the maintenance part, whether they are counted by the running hours or any other measurement. You will be able to track the reading differences and the responsible personnel with the readings.

  • 05. Service and Engineer Reports

    The benefit of a well-structured maintenance system software is to handle a crisis with minimum damage and expenditure. Every vessel needs to perform and record maintenance at regular intervals based on the ship manufacturer's instructions and risk assessment. With the NOZZLE PMS system, the service and engineer reports are prepared by the engineer or service person. The report can include images, attachments, maintenance descriptions, failure reasons, and several other information.

  • 06. Drydock

    With the drydock section, it is easy to follow up the offers, bid comparisons, shipyard details, suppliers, certificate renewals, and obtained approvals. The planning must be detailed and precisely calculated.

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