In the context of sustainable development to create a 'Global Green Economy,' the International Maritime Organization (IMO) committed to the SEEMP to protect the environment against ship-generated GHG emissions. The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan is an operational measure for building a mechanism to enhance the energy efficiency of a vessel cost-effectively.

NOZZLE Operation Energy Efficiency KPI and Analysis module gather the vessel's consumed fuel data from the regularly entered Bunker & Tanks information section, analyzes the data, and prepares a table with all the collected information.


What is IMO DCS?


All shipowners have familiarised themselves with IMO DCS in the past years. IMO DCS is a data report acknowledged by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The Fuel Oil Data Collection System (DCS) is mandatory for international shipping. It requires ships of 5,000 gross tonnages or above to collect and report data to an IMO database as of 2019.

NOZZLE helps you examine DCS data periodically instead of once at the end of the year for enhanced fleet energy efficiency. This feature enables you to correct any data entry error in advance and improve ship routines at once.