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Voyage Estimations, Ship Operations, and BDN's are available in one solution with our extensive maritime industry experience.The NOZZLE Operation module allows ship management companies to make better decisions with its detailed ship performance monitoring, profit & cost analysis, and simulation features.


Ship Operation Software

  • 01. BDN (Bunker Delivery Notes)

    NOZZLE monitors and analyzes your fleet's fuel consumption and environmental performance. Track the amount of fuel consumed by a ship over a given period of time and compare it to the amount of fuel delivered as recorded in the BDN to avoid discrepancies. With NOZZLE, ensure that the ship is using the correct type and amount of fuel. NOZZLE helps to optimize your ship's fuel consumption and reduce its environmental impact by providing real-time feedback and analysis of engine performance, weather conditions, and other factors that affect fuel efficiency. By using NOZZLE to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, ships minimize their environmental impact and comply with emerging regulations and industry standards.

  • 02. Operations & Voyage Itinerary

    With the NOZZLE Ship operations management software, it is now simpler to manage the ship's daily activities without interruption.You can access all the information about your voyage on a single screen, and you will not miss anything with the activities of the voyage, planned operations, port distances, arrival plans, agent, charterer information, port, and cargo.

  • 03. Deck and Engine Logbook & Noon Reports

    The Deck and Engine Logbook is a must on every ship. With our cloud-based operation management system, it is just a simple routine for all shipmasters. Our knowledge and experience in the maritime industry will help you save time. The essential daily operational monitoring and reporting for your entire fleet's berthing, departure, loading, anchoring, and other activities are done instantly. With the advanced deck & engine Logbook, the crew will promptly report the daily activities on a single screen and help you analyze the ship's performance. The smart guidance will prevent the user's repetitive entries and make the work easier. The comprehensive NOZZLE Operations module is integrated with the other NOZZLE modules. You only need a single entry to access the Ship Performance Analysis, EU MRV Analysis, UK MRV Analysis, CO2 Emission Analysis, IMO analysis, End of Cruise Calculations, and many more reports. It determines the critical points for the MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) calculations.NOZZLE fleet management system is intelligent and simple. You can get all your reports as an e-mail or an Excel file on your computer.

  • 04. Statement of Fact

    The NOZZLE vessel management software helps you monitor what your vessel is engaged in from its arrival to the moment it leaves the port. You can view the loading and discharge rates with the advanced reports option.The Letter of Protest or any claim about the cargo as well as detailed information about the cargo operation is entered into the Statement of Facts section. This feature eases the transmission of cargo and port documents to the office. The port, cargo, voyage, terminal, or date-based filtering options will save you time.

  • 05. Bunker Consumption Logs

    Accurate ship performance analysis is based on precise data. NOZZLE allows you to categorize the fuel purchases of your ships according to the source of their consumption and the operational activity of the ship. With the DECK engine log integration, you can immediately access all fuel consumption reports made by onboard engineers.The smart fuel tracking system allows the user to enter the correct data. The fuel logs are voyage-based, port-based, and fuel type. The voyage, destination port, vessel status, fuel type, consumed quantity, and previously onboard quantity are all updated and reported by this feature.The Bunker section can calculate the fuel consumed per the fuel type used.

  • 06. Tank Consumption Logs

    With NOZZLE’s vessel management software for shipping and offshore assets, you can specify all the tank information you want to track, aside from the fuel.It is efficient to monitor freshwater, oil tanks or ballast tank on a daily basis. You can analyze or print the information as reports.

  • 07. Terminal Master Feedback

    NOZZLE OPERATIONAL REPORTING MAKES THE KNOWLEDGE BELONG TO THE COMPANY AND NOT ONLY THE CAPTAIN ON THE SHIP.Captains can note their feedback on each port they have visited, and when they save these suggestions, this turns into terminal feedback with the office's approval.All information about the terminal, like maneuvering information, the port formalities, cargo operation details, or personal notes, can be entered. The Terminal Feedback is valuable information for a captain that visits a port for the first time.

  • 08. EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator)

    NOZZLE uses real-time data from the ship's sensors and other sources, such as weather conditions and engine performance, to calculate the EEOI and other metrics. Ship operators can better understand their environmental impact and take steps to reduce their carbon emissions and improve their sustainability. With NOZZLE Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator, it is easier to comply with emerging regulations and stay ahead of changing market demands for more sustainable shipping practices.

  • 09. Loss of Hire

    NOZZLE delivers maritime solutions, and they are cost-efficient. The Loss of Hire allows the office or the vessel to report the time lost by the ship and its reason. The NOZZLE software helps you monitor the exact time intervals and the actual failure reason. It is a time-saving and precise process.

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