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NOZZLE ISM software – Surefire way to conform to HSEQ standards


Your ship operators may find it challenging to comply with numerous maritime regulations. They often waste precious time trying to navigate through this muddle to ensure fleet safety. But you can end it by empowering your ship operators to digitally track, share, and update documents on the fly. The NOZZLE ISM ship management system makes it a breeze. No more unstructured document flows and processes that hamper information access.

With our ship safety management software, stakeholders can stay in the know about ISM manuals, incidents, ship inspections, drills, administrative instructions, circulars, and more. Information can be presented in MS Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. Enable your personnel to perform quicker and safer while complying with ISM and other standards.

Why adopt the NOZZLE ISM and maritime safety management system


Even though maintaining compliance is a fundamental aspect of all maritime businesses, you can invest less time and resources. NOZZLE helps you manage your vessels safely, whether they are far away in the ocean or anchored. You can move your business to the next level of compliance accuracy and operational performance with our ISM and vessel safety management system by:


Manuals & Documents
Define your ISM, and let us help you upload all company manuals, documents, and ISM documents. If you wish, you can do it independently, whether in word, excel, or PowerPoint.


ISM Forms
All forms can be filled electronically or manually, depending on the company's requirements.


Track revision changes and compares them with previous revisions.


Do you need to download a document and print it? You can assign the ship to be able to print an “uncontrolled” watermarked copy.


Manuals & Documents
You can download all documents in the system and define if your ship can download the same or not.


Publish the new revisions of any document and have your personnel track the differences between the two versions with just a click.

Read Receipt

Modified Revisions
It is easy to track the personnel who have seen the new version and those who haven’t with the read receipt report.


Documents, ISM
Control who can view a document, who can download it, and who can modify it.


Any word search goes beyond the document title. You can search the document contents thoroughly with this SEARCH option.

Minimize detention and fines by implementing the NOZZLE ISM and safety management system on ships. On top of that, you can reduce the possibility of security breaches and whatever comes as a result.

Implement NOZZLE ISM software with technical guidance

Whether you operate a few or hundreds of vessels, adopting a ready-to-be-deployed ISM system will help you manage documents and forms from one place, leaving no room for human error. That’s why the Nozzle ISM ship management software can be your way to set and maintain high HSEQ standards within your company.

Once implemented, you can manage ISM, crew, and departmental documents while knowing nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, your personnel can gain access to the best practices, which can significantly enhance productivity.

With the NOZZLE software, you can also simplify sharing documents within your company and between your employees. Authorized users can stay updated on all file changes thanks to automatic data replication. It’ll help eliminate inconsistencies as you handle your paperwork.

Like other NOZZLE modules, our ISM solution comes with a demo. But if you’re already familiar with it and want to get it implemented, we can guide you through integrations and data transfer. Nothing should stand between you and the easy way to comply with the ISM Code. Don’t worry about the NOZZLE ISM software price. We keep it transparent for all NOZZLE adopters and will be happy to discuss it as you request a demo and proceed with your selected module.

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