Procurement Management

Procurement software solution in ship management


NOZZLE procurement module is a smart way of onboarding all ship requirements. It’s been designed for many use cases as procurement management planning software. NOZZLE focuses on the ship’s strategic, long-term goals like improving purchasing governance and achieving reduced costs. The digitalization of the ship procurement process with NOZZLE has the benefits of transparency, better decision-making, and optimizing your company sourcing processes.

Whether you need spare parts, lubes, or food items, the NOZZLE solution will come in handy for your purchasing departments. This procurement system software allows you to decrease your purchasing risk, start gaining a competitive advantage and track your historical data on a vessel-by-vessel basis across an entire fleet. Managing your supply chain is now a cinch for you. Streamline the procurement workflow for your fleet while addressing each ship’s needs.

Making the maritime industry as safe as possible is the main priority of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Every ship needs to follow its guidelines for the Development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). While it’s a challenging task by itself, you can get things done by implementing the NOZZLE procurement risk management module to monitor the use of chemicals and other toxic materials. What’s more, you can incorporate standard catalogs apart from vessel-specific spares, lubes, or service catalogs.

Make the most out of the NOZZLE procurement management system


    01. Procurement Dashboard

    The NOZZLE Dashboard displays real-time procurement data. It is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use tool for monitoring the overview of vessel procurement. It consists of one single layout page that exhibits the conclusion of your database analysis. With the help of the NOZZLE procurement software, you can achieve clear insight into all procurement processes instantly.


    2. Requisition

    The International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) has created the world's leading reference source for maritime purchasing and supply using a unique six-digit code to identify products, the Marine Stores Guide (MSG). NOZZLE has all these codes installed in the procurement databank, and you can view each vessel's requests, requisition dates, due dates, and requested unit details from this module.


    3. Request for quotation

    The NOZZLE procurement software solution helps you make better decisions by comparing vendor quotes, showing price discounts, and highlighting the best price. You can email the same quotation to several different vendors from the NOZZLE system with just a click.


    4. Quotation

    NOZZLE lets you import excel files, make manual entries, check discounted items, view payment terms, exchange rate, and currency.


    5. Purchase order

    NOZZLE ship management system software offers complete transparency into the procurement process. In the Purchase order section, you can view the ordered items, received quantities, and all information about the budget items.


    6. Claims

    All companies must choose the right vendor based on price, location, and quality. The NOZZLE Claim section of the procurement management system gives procurement teams sight of what is being bought and if there has been an issue. The previous claims option is a significant factor when calculating the most cost-efficient purchase.

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