Data Transfer

Data Transfer

In ship management; Collecting, protecting, maintaining, storing, and using data demonstrates the power of ship management software. With NOZZLE data transfer, we recognize the great value of your existing data and offer data transfer as a service.

Migrating existing data to a new system can be seen as too much work. However, transferring existing data ensures that you have a ready-to-use fleet management system from day one. Therefore, this step is very important and should not be neglected when starting to use or switching to a new system.

NOZZLE Data Transfer Difference

How Does the Data Transfer Process Work?

NOZZLE Gives Confidence in Data Transfer

Our expert data transfer teams perform precise process management in migrating data from Microsoft SQL databases and Excel and other asset management systems.

The data transfer process, in which we prioritize the importance of data and the safety of our customers, is very important for fast digital and reliable ship management.