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NOZZLE is a cloud-based application containing all the features needed for crew management. Recruitment and selection of a suitable seafarer are crucial in the maritime industry.

NOZZLE crew management software meets the needs of ship owners, ship operators, and crew management firms. It makes selecting, recruiting, training, planning, and promoting your crew and payroll calculation a simple process with a robust software system.

NOZZLE will reduce the workload, save, and display all the certificates, documents, and information on a single screen and help you meet worldwide regulations such as Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA), IMO (International Maritime Forum), OCIMF (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum), and BMSA (Bulk Carrier Management Self Assessments).



Crew Management Software

  • 01. Personal Information

    NOZZLE Software saves your crew's personal information and serves as an extensive pool of seafarers. You can import- export your crew lists, search, and act quickly. All detailed personal information for the active employees or layoffs can be entered, filtered, and searched using several inputs.

  • 02. Payroll Calculations and Personal Crew Expenses, Statement of Cash

    The NOZZLE crew management software tracks the ship crew payroll and expenditures from embarkation to sign-off. This function lets you track the cash paid in advance, any additional payment, crew internet costs, and sweeping earnings. The system calculates the deductions and extra earnings that apply to the monthly salary, and you can track all of this on a single chart. With the Statement of Cash feature, you can easily track down payments and crew slop chest expenditures. This data is transferred to make the monthly payroll calculation easy and accurate.

  • 03. Crew Supplies

    The data saved in the "Personal Information" section will be used to plan the annual purchase and stock of all the required crew clothing and uniforms. In NOZZLE, all the modules and sections are interconnected. The heights, sizes, and shoe sizes of the personnel saved earlier will help you plan the clothing needs for each vessel during a voyage. With NOZZLE, there won't be any overstocking or short stocking of crew supplies.

  • 04. Certificates and Documents

    View and save all the required documents on a single screen. You will no longer miss the validity period of the crew certificates, the seaman's book, passport, visa, experiences, and any documents obtained. The NOZZLE Crew Management system also gives warnings based on the document's expiry date.

  • 05. Crew List and Experiences

    Our innovative NOZZLE Crew management software helps you list all the active crew in a vessel. In addition, you can retrospectively filter the former personnel and pull the information from archives.

  • 06. Crew Work and Resting Hours

    Monitoring the crew work and resting hours is essential for ensuring that the crew is not overworked and that they are receiving adequate rest, which is critical for maintaining their health and safety, as well as the safe operation of the vessel. The specific crew work and rest hours requirements will depend on the vessel's flag state and applicable regulations.

  • 07. Crew Training, Performance, and Evaluation

    NOZZLE provides an online assessment tool while each crew is evaluated and scored. The evaluation forms are listed and archived. Based on the evaluations received, you can easily follow the development of your crew and compare them with the personnel with the same duties. The NOZZLE crew management software ensures that your crew works as efficiently and diligently as possible.

  • 08. OCIMF and Crew Matrix

    The correct compilation of individual data of officers is critical while submitting the matrix. Whether it is the matrix criteria defined by your company or the criteria set by OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum), you can monitor them through the NOZZLE Crew Matrix and make accurate selections. The NOZZLE software alerts you constantly when a crew or vessel is in a condition that doesn't comply with onboard operational requirements. Several significant parameters include field rank, nationality & issuing country, certificate of competency, administration acceptance, years with the operator & years on the tanker. The officers' matrix on board during the SIRE (The Ship Inspection Report Program) inspection is critical.

  • 09. Contracts and Forms

    With the NOZZLE Crew management software, you can generate your custom company contract or a contract compatible with the ITF (The International Transport Workers' Federation). You can automatically fill in all personal information of the personnel, print it out, and sign it. All forms, such as Assignments, Designations, ITF, Employment Contracts, and Certificates of Sea Service, can be loaded into the system and converted to printable.

  • 10. Medical Records, Health Tests, and Vaccines

    The Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) program provides vessels and companies with a means to evaluate their crew well-being and safety management system. To avoid accidents and injuries, maritime safety must be fulfilled while performing regular seafaring duties. Any medical records and P&I (Protection and indemnity insurance) documents are saved in the NOZZLE crew medical records section. The flow of communication between the company and the crew eases the follow-up for health tests, drug tests, alcohol tests, and incident records. The company can follow the results of all alcohol and drug tests and their validity, whether unannounced or periodic.

  • 11. Powerful and Flexible Integration

    NOZZLE fleet management system is compatible with any software, and all data can be transferred from and to the NOZZLE system. NOZZLE is flexible and integrates with out-of-the-box systems like crew inspector, maritime trainer, Videotel, and SAP.

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  • What is ship crew management software?

    Ship crew management software is a digital platform designed to help manage a ship's crew's various tasks and responsibilities. This software typically includes features such as crew scheduling, crew certification and training management, payroll and accounting, crew communication, and crew performance evaluation. It helps shipowners and operators optimize their crew management processes and improve efficiency, safety, and compliance.

  • Ship Crew Management Software Features

    Ship crew management software typically includes a variety of features to help manage a ship's crew, including:

    1.      Crew scheduling and rotation management

    2.      Certification and training management

    3.      Payroll and accounting management

    4.      Crew communication and messaging

    5.      Performance evaluation and reporting

    6.      Expense management

    7.      Compliance management with industry regulations and standards

    8.      Crew medical records management

    9.      Crew document management

    10.    Time and attendance tracking

    11.    Crew task management and assignment

    12.    Crew data analytics and reporting

    These features help shipowners and operators manage their crew more effectively, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

  • The Benefits of Ship Crew Management Software

    The benefits of ship crew management software include:

    1.      Improved efficiency: Crew management software helps streamline crew-related tasks, enabling faster and more accurate scheduling, payroll, and communication.

    2.      Enhanced safety: By ensuring crew members have the proper certification, training, and medical records, the software can help reduce safety risks and improve compliance with safety regulations.

    3.      Better compliance: Crew management software helps automate compliance tasks, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

    4.      Reduced costs: The software can help reduce the costs associated with crew management, such as administrative and training costs.

    5.      Improved crew retention: By providing crew members with access to training and development opportunities and improving communication and scheduling, the software can help improve crew satisfaction and retention.

    6.      Better decision-making: By providing data analytics and reporting tools, the software can help shipowners and operators make more informed decisions about crew management and resource allocation.

    Overall, ship crew management software provides a comprehensive platform to manage crew-related tasks, improving operational efficiency, safety, and compliance.

  • Marine Crewing Software For Crew Competence Management in Planning Actions

    Marine crewing software for crew competence management is a specialized software designed to help crew management companies manage their crew's competencies and certifications. This software typically includes features such as:

    1.      Competence records management: The software allows shipping companies to keep detailed records of their crew's competencies, including certification, training, and experience.

    2.      Competence assessment: The software enables shipping companies to assess their crew members' competence, identify gaps, and plan training programs to address them.

    3.      Training management: The software helps shipping companies manage their crew's training programs, including planning, scheduling, and tracking training courses.

    4.      Performance management: The software provides tools to track and evaluate crew members' performance, enabling shipping companies to identify any areas for improvement.

    5.      Compliance management: The software helps ensure that the crew's competence and certifications comply with industry regulations and standards.

    Marine crewing software for crew competence management helps ship management companies ensure that their crew members have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate their vessels safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents and improving compliance with industry regulations.