Maximum time and efficiency with minimum input


While maintaining compliance is an essential part of the maritime industry, many waste unnecessary resources and time keeping it up to date. It is entirely possible to effectively maintain a fleet safety program with minimal input using the Nozzle HSEQ Module.


Unstructured safety and quality management on your ships make it challenging to comply with rules and regulations mandated by authorities. For this compliance and quality management, safety management must be done without errors.


HSEQ stands for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality. In this context, full compliance with mandatory regulations in ship and fleet management processes is critical. Nozzle HSEQ module provides the opportunity to manage the security management service from a single screen. It increases your business quality and company value.


HSEQ Management Software

  • 01.Vetting

    It is the area where the inspections coming to the ships are planned. In this field, inspections can be selected by ship, by the inspector, by date, or by port. In some cases, even the departure of ships may be prevented and single port permits may be granted. Audit results can be viewed on a single screen. These documents are useful not only in the inspections that come to the ship but also to the company.

  • 02.Audit Plan

    Planning for all scheduled inspections or port inspections is provided on this screen.According to the months, the information about the date range of the inspections in case of the voyage is accessed on this screen. Instant sharing of the information that it finishes and continues in time intervals is made. At the same time, planned inspections can be viewed on a vessel or inspector basis.

  • 03.Risk Assessment

    The statuses of each ship, including the vessel and office status, and the situations are seen in some vessels are displayed in this area. The risk reduction status, the measures to be taken for the risk, the evaluation process with the company when the risk situation continues, the risk status drafts, and records are displayed on this screen. A risk form is created for all works (cases involving risk) and when this information is approved, it is started to be used by the ships.

  • 04.ISM

    It is the area where the minutes of the accident event or incidents close to the accident are prepared. It is possible to write ISM in this field. The forms created as a result of observing a job are also found here. The panel screen where the reports of the periodical observation work, the training, and the attendees of the meetings on the ship are displayed are also under this tab. Information reporting processes regarding the information-sharing meeting sent by the office to the ship and the captain are hosted in the system here.

  • 05.Follow Up

    Document tracking of documents such as circular feedbacks and monthly reports sent to ships is provided here. Fleets can send case studies to the ships they choose. Access is provided through a single screen. The screen, which informs about which books or which edition of that book are available, and the screen where the books that should be found as a result of regulation are followed. The multi-control screen for corrective, regulatory, and preventive actions is also here.

  • 06.Environmental Management Records

    With the NOZZLE Environmental Management Records section, companies can reduce the risk of non-compliance and ascertain whether the goals defined by their organization are achievable or not. It is possible to manage waste with this proactive approach. NOZZLE helps companies with environmental objectives to achieve their targets. The NOZZLE Environmental Management Record is a cost-effective garbage management plan.

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