What is UK MRV?


Vessels over 5,000 gross tonnages calling any UK port, irrespective of their Flag State or where the ship operator is registered, are subject to the UK MRV regulations. In general, ship operators need to gather annual data by monitoring each voyage (monitoring data on a per-voyage basis). Substantially ship operators must have an assessed monitoring plan before data collection begins. The type of data and parameters needed for the UK MRV are:

-Port of departure and port of arrival, including the date and hour of departure and arrival.

-Amount and emission factor for each type of fuel consumed in total, in port/at sea

-CO2 emitted.

-Distance traveled.

-Time spent at sea.

-Cargo carried.

-Transport work.




NOZZLE Ship Operation Module with its sections Voyage Itenary, Deck & Engine Log & Statement of Facts, collects the required data for each vessel, such as; fuel consumed, distance traveled, time at sea, and cargo carried on a per voyage basis. With this data, the Energy Efficiency Index and CO2 Emissions are calculated to report emissions.

The smart control mechanism in NOZZLE validates the data entered, notifies, and alerts whenever any mismatched information is entered. By using the NOZZLE Ship Operation module, you enter the data once and get multiple results. The system prevents duplicate data entry.



Data is entered once to NOZZLE, and the NOZZLE Energy Efficiency Section is designed to transfer all the data to the relevant MRV database with one click.



Since Brexit, the UK doesn't have access to the THETIS-MRV database. Therefore UK is developing a database that can receive MRV data from all of the UK industrial sectors that have acknowledged the MRV legislation.

At the moment, the only emissions data the UK MRV requires to be reported are for the following voyages:
-Voyages between two UK ports
-Voyages between the UK and non-EEA port
-Emissions that are generated at a UK port for the above voyages.

NOZZLE has the ability to identify the relevant data separately. Like the EU MRV system, you will only enter the information once to NOZZLE. The NOZZLE Energy Efficiency Section will transfer the data to UK's accredited verifier with one click. Details for this commission will be announced.

NOZZLE is following all the innovations, and the software will be updated accordingly.

For more details about the United Kingdom Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification UK MRV regulations, you can visit their official website.