NOZZLE Integration


It is important that NOZZLE modules work seamlessly with your other systems. In order to make these systems work smoothly, NOZZLE includes ready integration with various systems. NOZZLE also provides out-of-the-box integration for other third-party systems such as teaming, data warehousing, financing, and analyzing.

We have created a standard way of integrating existing business systems with NOZZLE's integration service. Data between NOZZLE integration service and your system can be synchronized and used as an interface engine for 3rd party staffing systems. 

Aware that integrations between systems are often very specific to the company and the systems NOZZLE is designed to help companies synchronize their master data with minimal effort. By Integrating NOZZLE with other systems. 

Advantages Of Integration In NOZZLE

  • Possibility of a single-center system that provides communication coordination between different departments for data
  • Reduction in the number of manual data entries required by end-users thanks to automated processes
  • Reduction in errors that can be made in manual processes thanks to integration
  • The advantage of increasing cooperation between different departments with integration



Fast And Effective Ship Management With NOZZLE Integration


We are tailoring our ship management system and integrating all your software solutions into NOZZLE to run a smooth operation. That is to say, NOZZLE will function in a coordinated manner with your existing business solutions. Our system will predict and prevent any issues before they even occur. We offer fast integration services and accurate deadlines.

To sum up, NOZZLE integration service has been developed to work in full compatibility with our software solutions and all other existing business solutions.