Transform Data into Actionable Insights with NOZZLE’s Business Intelligence



In the ever-evolving maritime sector, staying ahead requires a robust grasp of data analytics. NOZZLE’s Business Intelligence (BI) module is the lighthouse guiding you through the fog of data, illuminating the insights you need for data-driven decision-making.


Empowering Your Maritime Operations

Our BI module integrates seamlessly with all NOZZLE modules, transforming raw data into comprehensive reports. This integration means that every entry made into NOZZLE becomes a part of an overarching narrative that your data tells about your operations.


Versatile Reporting for Enhanced Decision-Making

Whether you’re monitoring fuel efficiency, overseeing procurement, or ensuring compliance with safety standards, NOZZLE’s BI module offers versatile reporting tools. With the capability to generate reports across various modules – from Crew to Finance, and Procurement to HSEQ – you gain access to the data that matters most.


Stay Updated with Real-Time Analytics

The NOZZLE BI module is designed to keep you informed with the latest updates. Our system ensures you're never behind, with real-time data processing that provides timely insights into your operations.


Innovative Features for Comprehensive Analysis

Explore innovative features such as timeline analysis and carbon intensity indicators, and delve into environmental management records with ease. The NOZZLE BI module is equipped to offer in-depth analysis, ensuring no aspect of your ship’s performance goes unchecked.


Turn data into your strategic advantage with NOZZLE BI – where every data point navigates you closer to operational excellence.