Set Sail on Data-Driven Seas: NOZZLE's Data Bank for Strategic Maritime Excellence


Harnessing the power of data for strategic improvement is at the heart of NOZZLE's Ship Management Software. In our Analysis & KPI module, the Data Bank section is a pivotal tool that allows maritime businesses to set, monitor, and achieve their performance benchmarks.


Under the Trend category, users can add and customize Analysis Trend Groups and Subjects to track vital industry metrics such as retention rates and environmental performance. This feature allows for the creation of new records, giving businesses the agility to respond to evolving industry standards and practices.


The KPI section within the Data Bank serves as a repository for KPI Targets, enabling companies to set precise goals for key performance indicators. By establishing these targets, maritime operators can focus their efforts on reaching and surpassing industry benchmarks.


At NOZZLE, we understand that actionable insights drive the maritime industry forward. Discover how the strategic use of our Data Bank can enhance the way your business navigates the challenges of the maritime industry. Engage with NOZZLE and set your fleet on a course for success, powered by data-driven decision-making.