Chart a Greener Course: Revolutionize Sustainability with NOZZLE’s Energy Efficiency Analytics


Sustainability in maritime operations is not just a trend; it's a necessity. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software, through its Analysis & KPI module, equips you with an advanced Energy Efficiency V2 tool within the Operation Energy Efficiency section.


As you navigate this feature, the mandatory selections of Vessel, Report Type, and Year in the Search bar set the stage for a comprehensive view of your fleet's energy efficiency. With the resulting EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator) Reports, NOZZLE provides a visual and data-driven snapshot of CO2 emissions, distance traveled, time spent, transport work, and averages that pertain to your vessel's environmental footprint.


The graphs and detailed statistics emerging from this search are pivotal in evaluating and enhancing your fleet's operational efficiency. NOZZLE is dedicated to empowering maritime professionals with the analytics necessary to make informed decisions for a greener future.


Embark on an eco-efficient voyage with NOZZLE and explore how our Energy Efficiency V2 tool can be the rudder guiding your sustainable practices. Let NOZZLE be your compass in the pursuit of operational excellence with an eye on energy conservation and environmental stewardship.