Navigate with Assurance: Elevate Maritime Safety with NOZZLE’s Incident Analysis Tools


Safety is paramount in the maritime industry, and at NOZZLE, we understand the critical importance of incident analysis in maintaining a safe working environment. Our Ship Management Software's Analysis & KPI module includes a comprehensive Incident Analysis section that offers Incident Categorization and Frequencies tools.


By selecting the year in the Search bar, you can activate the Accident Analysis to gain access to detailed records and frequency metrics. This functionality provides an overview of various incidents, including Lost Workday Cases, Medical Treatment Cases, and Near Misses, segmented by month to help identify trends and improve safety measures.


Our system's ability to categorize and frequency-roll these incidents across a fleet gives maritime companies the insights needed to enhance their safety protocols and reduce the risk of accidents. With NOZZLE, you can keep a vigilant watch on the safety of your operations, ensuring a secure environment for your crew.


Learn more about how NOZZLE’s Incident Analysis capabilities can support your commitment to maritime safety. With our software, you don't just record incidents—you gain the power to prevent them, reinforcing the safety standards that keep your crew and vessels safe.