Charting Safer Waters: Uncover Insights with NOZZLE's Incident and Near Miss Analysis


Dive into the details of maritime safety with NOZZLE’s Ship Management Software. In the Analysis & KPI module, the Incident/Nearmiss Analysis section is a powerhouse for scrutinizing incidents and near misses, offering a robust Analysis List with customizable search options for a detailed investigation.


From categorizing incidents to conducting cause analysis, and evaluating the quality of reports, NOZZLE ensures that no stone is left unturned in your safety audit. The Incident/Nearmiss Analysis tool generates visual charts and detailed data points, presenting a clear picture of safety performance across your fleet.


These insights are not only crucial for maintaining high safety standards but also instrumental in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. By selecting specific criteria, your searches produce tailored charts that highlight areas for attention, enabling proactive measures to enhance crew welfare and vessel operations.


Our platform transforms data into a navigational chart for safety, guiding you towards a safer and more efficient maritime future.