Strengthen Your Crew Core: Navigate Retention with NOZZLE's Comprehensive Analysis


Crew retention is a critical indicator of a shipping company’s health and NOZZLE’s Ship Management Software provides a detailed analysis of retention rates within the Crew Analysis module. By selecting the appropriate dates, our users can access a comprehensive table that breaks down the retention data by ranks and groups, showing active employment, sign-offs, beneficial terminations, unavoidable terminations, and decisions made by crew members.


This level of detail is vital for understanding the nuances of crew dynamics and making informed decisions to maintain a stable and experienced workforce. By tracking these metrics, maritime companies can identify trends, implement retention strategies, and ensure a competitive edge in the industry.


Explore how NOZZLE’s Retention Rates tool can enhance your crew management strategies. Join us to navigate the complexities of crew retention with clarity and insight, leveraging our software to foster a robust and dedicated maritime workforce.