Charting Success: Steer Your Fleet with NOZZLE's Advanced Trend Analysis


Navigate the future with data-driven decisions using NOZZLE's Ship Management Software. Our BI module features a powerful Trend Analysis tool that unveils the patterns shaping your maritime operations.


With a simple selection from the Trend Group and Trend Subject in the search bar, and setting the date range, our software elevates the command of your data. A click on 'Load' brings forth vivid graphs that trace the trajectory of key metrics such as retention rates and operational efficiencies. Whether you're looking at annual trends or quarterly shifts, our charts offer visual clarity on the metrics that matter.


NOZZLE's Trend Analysis tool is an essential instrument for captains of the industry seeking to gauge performance, anticipate shifts, and set a course for continued success. By harnessing the power of analytics, we provide you with the compass to navigate through the currents of maritime economics.


With NOZZLE, chart the course of your company's journey with the winds of data-driven insights filling your sails.