Maximizing Revenue with NOZZLE's Freight Income Management


Navigate the complexities of freight income management with NOZZLE's dedicated Chartering module. A hub for meticulous financial tracking and analysis, our Freight Income section is engineered to deliver comprehensive revenue oversight with ease and precision.


Harness the power of our Search functionality to sift through all vessels, voyage numbers, charterers, cargoes, and statuses. This thorough search system is tailored to streamline your workflow, providing quick access to the financial data that matters most to your operations.


The Add/Update Freight Income interface is meticulously crafted, requiring inputs for critical details like Vessel, Charterer, Status, Cargo, and Currency. These mandatory fields are designed to capture essential information, paving the way for accurate revenue tracking and strategic planning.


Our Freight, Despatch & Demurrage tabs facilitate detailed entries, ensuring every aspect of income, including lay times and additional incomes, is meticulously recorded and easily accessible. Summaries and a Status Change Log provide a snapshot of your financial position at a glance, while the Comments and Attachments tabs offer space for collaboration and document storage.


NOZZLE empowers maritime professionals with a streamlined solution for managing the intricate details of freight income. From comprehensive searches to detailed financial entries, NOZZLE's Freight Income management tool stands as a testament to our commitment to your financial fluency.


Step aboard with NOZZLE Ship Management Software and set sail towards more efficient and profitable horizons.