A Deep Dive into NOZZLE's Crew Payroll Management


Precision in Payroll Processing

Crew salary management is no small feat in the maritime industry. NOZZLE's software ensures precision and ease. With our Monthly Salary Calculation, every crew member's financial details are meticulously recorded and processed. The system provides seamless access to vessel-specific data, enabling a streamlined payroll calculation for each voyage.


Detailed Record-Keeping for Compliance and Clarity

Maritime regulations demand accurate record-keeping. NOZZLE's software delivers this by displaying detailed information such as the vessel name, power, flag, gross tonnage (GRT), and working days. Essential personnel data, including names, ranks, salaries, risk areas, seniority, leaves, and working days, are organized efficiently.


Transparency in Transaction

Transparency is key in maintaining crew satisfaction and compliance. Our software breaks down each crew member’s earnings and deductions, ensuring that each payment is clear and comprehensible. It presents a Statement of Cash that details vessel contributions, overtime, slop chest deductions, and other financial particulars, culminating in a final payable amount that is as accurate as it is understandable.


Adaptability Across Vessels and Voyages

Whether dealing with a small coastal vessel or a large transoceanic carrier, NOZZLE's software adapts to various vessel types and sizes. It manages salaries based on vessel power and working days, allowing for adjustments based on each ship's unique operational demands.


Step aboard with NOZZLE and navigate the complexities of maritime payroll with confidence.