Efficiently Navigate Crew Assignments with NOZZLE's Dynamic Ship Management System


In the dynamic world of maritime operations, assigning the right crew to the right vessel is not just a matter of logistics, it's the foundation of safe and efficient voyages. NOZZLE's ship management software provides an intuitive and detailed Assignments module to facilitate these essential tasks with ease.


Vessel Selection and Manning Details

Through our Crew module's Vessel Manning List, selecting a vessel triggers the display of vital vessel details, including gross tonnage, main propulsion power, and cabin capacity. This visibility ensures that manning decisions are informed by accurate and current vessel data.


Comprehensive Rank Assignment

The All Rank section allows for the seamless assignment of crew by rank to the Vessel Manning List. With a simple click to 'Assign', crew members are transferred to the manning list, and likewise, can be returned with the 'Remove' option. This process supports operational needs while allowing flexibility in crew management.


Crew Assignments Simplified

The Crew Assignment area within the same module enables the searching and selection of crew members by name, rank, or competency. A clear 'Embark' button moves the chosen individuals to the Assignment List, where they become active participants in the vessel’s journey. Similarly, the 'Disembark' function allows for crew members to be reassigned as necessary.


Every assignment is a vital clog in the machinery of maritime management, and NOZZLE's system ensures that the process is as smooth as the ocean on a calm day. By incorporating user-friendly interfaces with comprehensive data handling, NOZZLE enhances the accuracy and efficiency of crew assignments.


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