Optimize Crew Transitions with NOZZLE: Mastering Crew Changes Made Easy


Efficiently managing crew changes is a critical aspect of ship management. NOZZLE's software offers a robust Crew Change List within the Assignments module, allowing for meticulous planning and tracking of personnel transitions.


Simplified Search and Selection

Our software simplifies the search process with dropdown menus to select crews, vessels, and ranks, enabling you to find and manage assignments with precision. The Favorite Search feature allows quick access to frequently used search configurations, saving time and enhancing productivity.


Detailed Assignment Entries

Adding or updating a crew change is simplified through an intuitive interface. Required information such as vessel details, the rank to be assigned, on-signing crew, assignment reasons, contract start dates, embarkation ports, and status are all readily accessible for entry and review.


Comprehensive Tab Management

The Payroll, Documents and Forms, Certificates, Attachments, Comments, and Status Activity Log tabs provide all necessary tools to manage the financial, legal, and communicative aspects of crew changes, ensuring a smooth transition and clear record-keeping.


Certificates at a Glance

A dedicated section for certificates displays all relevant certifications for the crew, including issue and expiry dates, helping to maintain compliance with maritime regulations.


NOZZLE's software streamlines the complex process of managing crew changes with a focus on ease of use and comprehensive data management.