Navigate Crew Compliance with Confidence: Master Document Management with NOZZLE's Crew Dashboard


Staying on top of crew certifications and documents is vital in ship management, ensuring all personnel are fully qualified and compliant with maritime regulations. NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s Crew Dashboard is adeptly structured to manage these essential tasks effectively.


Comprehensive Crew Dashboard Overview

The Crew Dashboard in NOZZLE provides a segmented overview across four columns: Expired, 0-30 Days, 30-90 Days, and 90+ Days. This organization helps you quickly identify items that require immediate attention, foresee upcoming renewals, and track longer-term certification expiries.


Efficient Management of Crew Credentials

In the Expired column, essential documents such as certificates, contracts, passports, and more are listed. Selecting any of these options filters the crew members whose documents have expired, along with detailed information and relevant particulars.


Proactive Monitoring System

The 0-30 Days, 30-90 Days, and 90+ Days columns serve as a proactive alert system for upcoming expiries, helping to plan renewals well in advance and prevent any lapse in crew qualifications or compliance issues.


Discover NOZZLE’s Crew Dashboard

Explore the capabilities of the Crew Dashboard module by NOZZLE. Here, we detail how NOZZLE can help you maintain a tight ship when it comes to document and certification management.


By leveraging NOZZLE’s Crew Dashboard, you gain a powerful ally in crew document management, helping you to keep your crew’s qualifications up-to-date and ensuring regulatory compliance without the complexity.