Navigate Seamlessly with NOZZLE: Revolutionizing Ship Crew Management in the Cloud


Harnessing the power of the cloud, NOZZLE Ship Management Software delivers an unprecedented level of control and information management to the maritime industry. With our innovative Crew module, you can effortlessly manage your vessel's crew, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.


Dynamic Search and Organizational Tools

Our system allows you to navigate through current, past, and projected crew matrices with ease. A responsive search functionality lets you filter and find specific crew members or groups within seconds, enhancing the decision-making process.


Detailed Vessel Insights

In the Vessel Details section, comprehensive information regarding vessel type, flags, and technical specifications like gross tonnage and propulsion power are at your fingertips. This ensures a clear overview of your fleet, facilitating informed management decisions.


Personnel Management at Your Fingertips

The Add/Update Personnel Information interface offers a seamless experience in handling individual crew details. It encompasses personal data, employment history, and a repository for essential documents such as passports and certifications. Each crew member's qualifications, endorsements, and health records are meticulously organized for easy access.


Crew List – A Centralized Repository

The Crew List is the core of our Crew module, where detailed crew information is displayed. Assignment dates, nationality, certification details, and service records are all available in an easily navigable format. Visual cues like color-coded document expiry notifications ensure you stay ahead of compliance and crew rotation schedules.


Ready to Discover NOZZLE Ship Management Software?

NOZZLE's cutting-edge solution is ready to enhance your ship management operations. Integrate NOZZLE into your operations and experience the power of cloud-based ship management at your command.