Harness the Power of Comprehensive Data Management with NOZZLE’s Crew Module


In the maritime sector, precise data management is pivotal for seamless operations. NOZZLE's ship management software is equipped with a robust Crew module that houses the Data Bank section, a repository designed to encapsulate the entirety of your crew's professional journey. This section is meticulously categorized to cover a wide spectrum of data, ensuring that every aspect of crew management is just a click away.


Personnel Information at Your Fingertips

Accessing detailed crew profiles is vital for ship operators. Our Data Bank segment provides you with expansive Personnel Information fields, ranging from job types, educational backgrounds, to leave and school lists. Keeping track of crew statuses and facilitating efficient crew replacement becomes simpler with NOZZLE.


Document Accessibility and Compliance Assurance

Navigate through our Personnel Information – Document section to find every certificate type your crew might need. From general certificates to competency-related documentation and visa types, you can store and retrieve documents efficiently, ensuring compliance with international maritime regulations.


Building Crew Competence and Career Progression

The Experience & Matrix area delves into rank-related competencies and tenure, outlining a clear matrix for career progression. With our OCIMF-related categories, you will have the tools to certify crew according to industry standards, fostering a culture of excellence and safety.


Medical Records and Payroll Processed with Precision

Oversee medical records with our detailed Personnel Information – Medical subsection, and manage your crew's wellbeing with records of health tests, vaccines, and any medical conditions. The Payroll Management system simplifies financial processes by handling expense statements, crew contract terms, and accounting for additional earnings or deductions.


Monitoring Work and Rest for Optimal Crew Welfare

The Work & Resting Hours section ensures regulatory compliance, providing a structured format to monitor and adjust work types and hours, thus prioritizing crew fatigue management.


Assignments, Training, and Appraisals: A Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Align crew assignments with operational needs, and manage training and appraisal through a comprehensive set of tools. From categorizing training, listing specifics, to evaluating approval departments, each step is designed to promote a culture of continuous learning and development.


Fine-tune Your Operations with Advanced Additional Features

The Additionals and Evaluation and Forms sections offer extended functionalities, including supply planning and form management, enabling a tailored approach to meet your ship's unique needs.


Experience the advanced capabilities of NOZZLE’s Crew module, designed to empower maritime professionals with data-driven insights and management tools.