Advance Operational Excellence with NOZZLE: Enhance Crew Performance Evaluations


In the maritime industry, crew performance and evaluation stand at the core of operational excellence. NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s Performance module is meticulously designed to cater to these critical assessment needs, offering a versatile Evaluation section within the Crew module.


Effective Performance Evaluation Tracking

The Performance module comes with a refined search mechanism that allows for easy navigation through evaluations by vessel, evaluator, and various other filters. This comprehensive approach facilitates a thorough assessment of crew performance, identifying areas of excellence and those needing improvement.


Intuitive Form Entry System

Adding an evaluation is simplified with the Form Entry interface. After selecting the vessel and the specific form, pertinent details such as form number, revision, name, description, and crew information are neatly displayed, providing a clear overview for the evaluator.


Diverse Evaluation Criteria

The Add/Update Evaluation interface offers options to select the evaluee, the person who evaluated, suitability for re-employment, and department, among others. This ensures that evaluations are detailed and targeted to specific crew functions and roles.


Detailed Question & Answer Section

An integral part of the evaluation process is the Question & Answers tab, which records the evaluators' inquiries and the crew's responses, offering an in-depth look into crew competencies.


Feedback and Training Assignments

Comments can be made in the dedicated comments section by selecting the commenter and date, allowing for additional feedback. The Assigned Training tab facilitates the process of assigning and updating crew training as a follow-up to evaluations, ensuring continual professional development.


Simplified Document Attachment

Attachments can be added for further evidence or documentation, enhancing the evaluation's credibility and providing a complete record of the crew’s performance assessments.


Discover NOZZLE’s Performance Module

Our platform delivers a sophisticated yet user-friendly environment for managing the vital task of crew evaluations and performance tracking. NOZZLE is your solution for a comprehensive, efficient, and systematic approach to crew performance evaluations, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and operational readiness within the maritime sector.