Ensure Crew Wellbeing with NOZZLE: Comprehensive Management of Medical Cases


Maintaining the health and safety of crew members is a top priority in the maritime industry. NOZZLE Ship Management Software includes a dedicated Medical Cases section within the Additional features of the Crew module, ensuring that all health-related incidents are tracked and managed effectively.


Medical Cases Management

This crucial part of our system allows for comprehensive search capabilities within the Medical Cases section. By utilizing the search bar, you can filter by vessels, crew members, health problems, statuses, and more to quickly identify and respond to medical incidents.


Detailed Medical Case Reporting

When adding or updating a medical case, the entry of vessel, crew, event date, investigation due date, and case status is mandatory. These details are vital for a clear and actionable medical report. The Details tab prompts for a description of the incident, the onboard treatment administered, and any further treatment provided at a medical center.


Thorough Investigation and Record Keeping

The Office tab includes a space for company investigations, ensuring that the cause of health problems is systematically examined. Additional tabs for comments, status activity logs, and attachments provide a structured approach to documenting conversations, updates, and any pertinent files related to the medical case.


Discover NOZZLE’s Medical Cases Feature

NOZZLE provides ship operators with the tools needed to ensure the health and safety of their crew members are handled with the utmost care and attention.

Choose NOZZLE for comprehensive management of medical cases, efficient reporting processes, and meticulous record-keeping, all contributing to the wellbeing and safety of your crew members.