Master Maritime Overtime Management with NOZZLE: Precision in Every Hour


Efficiently managing overtime hours is essential for ensuring fair compensation and compliance with labor regulations at sea. NOZZLE Ship Management Software offers a robust Overtime Hours Records feature within the Additional section of the Crew module to facilitate precise tracking and management.


Overtime Hours Tracking

Our system allows you to perform searches by vessel within the Overtime Hours Records section. Selecting a vessel and specifying the period dates enables you to calculate and review the overtime hours logged for the crew, ensuring transparency and accuracy.


Detailed Overtime Records

When adding or updating overtime records, it's essential to input the vessel's name and the start and end dates of the period being reviewed. Post-entry, NOZZLE calculates the overtime details, presenting information such as the number of working days, holiday days, monthly overtime hours, holiday overtime hours, and total overtime hours for each crew member.


Discover NOZZLE’s Overtime Features

Our software simplifies the calculation of overtime, allowing ship operators to maintain accurate and fair payroll processes.

NOZZLE's Overtime Hours Records feature is designed to enhance your ship management system, offering a user-friendly interface and precise calculations for effective maritime crew management.