Sail Smoothly with NOZZLE: Enhancing Payroll Management for Maritime Crews


In the fast-paced world of maritime operations, managing crew payroll efficiently is key to ensuring smooth sailing. NOZZLE Ship Management Software's Payroll Management module delivers a suite of tools designed to handle the complexities of payroll calculation and processing.


Intuitive Search and Retrieval

Our Payroll Calculation section comes equipped with an advanced search bar that allows management to filter through payroll records by vessel, year, and month, as well as crew status. This ensures that you can quickly locate the exact payroll data you need with precision.


Detailed Payroll Calculations

The Add/Update Payroll Calculation feature requires vital information such as vessel, payroll year, and month, along with the entered date. This facilitates accurate and timely payroll processing for each voyage.


Crew List for Easy Wage Management

In the Crew List tab, essential details such as working days, onboard days, monthly wages, and payable wages are displayed in the currency of choice, making it easier to oversee financial obligations and disbursements to the crew.


Bank Details for Direct Processing

The Bank Details tab provides a secure platform to handle crew banking information, ensuring that wage payments are transacted accurately and securely, directly to the designated accounts.


Financial Overview with Finance Tab

The Finance tab gives a summary of each crew member's earnings, listing amounts and default amounts in the selected currency, which simplifies the financial overview process for each payroll cycle.


Supporting Documents and Logs

Additional features such as Payslips, Comments, Attachments, and a Status Activity Log tab, ensure that every aspect of the payroll process is documented and traceable for future reference and compliance purposes.


Discover NOZZLE's Payroll Management Module

Our site provides detailed information about our modules and how they can help you maintain efficient operations. With NOZZLE's Payroll Management module, managing your crew's compensation becomes a clear, precise, and hassle-free task, empowering your organization to navigate the financial aspects of ship management with confidence.