Enhance Crew Financial Transparency with NOZZLE's Integrated Payslip Management


The NOZZLE Ship Management Software brings a new dimension of efficiency to maritime operations with its Payslip functionality within the Crew module's Payroll Management section. This sophisticated feature ensures that crew payments are not only handled with precision but are also clearly documented and easy to review for both management and crew members.


Payslip Overview

With our Payslip system, accessible via a user-friendly search bar, maritime companies can generate detailed earnings statements for each crew member. These documents are designed for clarity, listing vital information such as the vessel, crew number, crew member name, nationality, and working days.


Detailed Earnings and Deductions

Each payslip provides a breakdown of earnings including payable wages, seniorities, expenses, and additional earnings. The clear presentation of these amounts makes it simple to understand the total earnings for each pay period. Under deductions, items like statement of cashes and any additional deductions are itemized, ensuring transparency in the calculation of net pay.


Bank Details for Direct Reference

The payslip also features a dedicated section for bank details, allowing for direct deposits and seamless financial transactions. This information is crucial for the swift processing of payments, contributing to the satisfaction of crew members.


Discover Payslip Management with NOZZLE

NOZZLE is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for ship management, with an emphasis on precise financial control and crew welfare. With NOZZLE, rest assured that payroll management is handled with the utmost accuracy, providing a transparent, detailed, and accessible overview of crew earnings and deductions, all in one cloud-based platform.