Optimize Crew Management with NOZZLE: Your Comprehensive Maritime Personnel Solution


Managing a crew in the shipping industry involves a complex array of tasks, from tracking documentation to ensuring compliance with maritime regulations. NOZZLE's ship management software is specifically designed to support these intricate operations, offering a comprehensive suite of modules within the Crew section of our system.


Personnel Information Management

In the heart of the Crew module, users can utilize the search bar to locate specific crew members, filtering by key terms or rank groups. Adding or updating personnel information is straightforward with designated fields for essential data like crew number, name, surname, nationality, status, and rank. This ensures all necessary details, including competency and work history, are accurately captured.


Document Handling with Ease

NOZZLE understands the importance of having quick access to crucial documents. Our Documents tab stores and organizes Seaman's IDs, endorsements, passports, visas, and certification details, simplifying the verification processes and compliance checks.


Experience Tracking

 The Experience tab records time spent with the operator and rank, along with detailing tenure at other companies. This historical insight assists in managing career progression and assignment planning.


Payroll Process Simplification

The Payroll tab demystifies financial management with fields for bank account details, crew contract terms, and comprehensive payroll calculations, ensuring transparent and accurate salary administration.


Medical Record Maintenance

Health and safety are paramount. The Medical tab consolidates health tests, vaccinations, and medical cases, allowing for efficient health management and readiness for inspections.


Performance, Supplies, and Leave Tracking

Additional tabs cover a wide range of operational needs from performance assessments, supply management, to leave administration.



Comprehensive Communication

With tabs for contact details, additional information, attachments, and comments, communication remains central, keeping all stakeholders informed.


Harness the full capabilities of NOZZLE's ship management software to maintain impeccable crew management standards.