Optimize Crew Management with NOZZLE's Comprehensive Reporting Suite


At NOZZLE, we understand the complexity and critical nature of managing a ship's crew efficiently. Our innovative ship management software presents an advanced solution in the 'Crew' module, part of our comprehensive suite, designed to support maritime operations. Featuring the 'Reports' section, this module offers a series of dynamic forms and contracts including the Designation Form, Assignment Form, Employment Contract, ITF Employment Contract, Crew Movements, Certificate of Sea Service II, and Crew Evaluation.


Tailored Documentation with Ease

Crafting precise and accurate crew reports is a breeze with NOZZLE. The 'CrewV2Forms' within the 'Reports' section allows you to select and input details tailored to the document's requirements via the 'Preview Parameters'. Whether it's for contractual obligations or crew evaluations, each form is adaptable to cater to the unique details of your vessel and crew.


Flexible and Dynamic Reporting

With the versatility of the 'Preview Parameters' feature, you can populate your forms with specific data points such as Effective Date, Vessel, Crew Member details, and more. This ensures that every report generated is as up-to-date and relevant as possible. Submission is just a click away, further enhancing your operational efficiency.