Steer Clear Financial Waters with NOZZLE: Master Crew Salary Management Effortlessly


Simplify the management of crew finances with NOZZLE's Ship Management Software. In the Crew module, the Monthly Salary section includes a Salary Summary feature that is adept at providing a clear overview of salary distributions over the selected year.


Upon entering the year and clicking 'Load Summary,' the system diligently compiles a comprehensive record of salary summaries. It details the salaries distributed month by month, giving you a succinct view of the financial commitments to your crew members.


This intuitive feature is crucial for financial planning and transparency, allowing maritime operators to keep a steady helm on budgeting and payroll processes. With NOZZLE, you're not just processing payments; you're steering the financial well-being of your fleet with precision and ease.


We're committed to providing solutions that uphold the financial integrity and operational success of your maritime ventures.