Empower Your Fleet's Financials with NOZZLE: Intuitive Payroll Management for Maritime Professionals


Mastering financial oversight within the maritime sector can be a complex task. NOZZLE Ship Management Software simplifies this with its comprehensive Payroll Management module, specifically within the Statement of Cash section. This integral part of our system provides an organized and efficient way to manage and record all crew financial transactions.


Advanced Search Capabilities

Initiate your financial tracking with our powerful search tool, allowing you to swiftly filter through statements by vessel, crew, user, reason, and status within specific date ranges. This precise search functionality enhances your ability to oversee and analyze financial data effectively.


Mandatory Information for Efficient Records

The Add/Update Statement of Cash interface requires essential details such as the vessel, the person reporting, and the date of the report. This ensures that all cash statements are accurately recorded and attributable, promoting accountability and clarity in financial reporting.


Detail-Oriented Transaction Logging

In the Details tab, input fields for the statement date, crew names, ranks, reasons for statements, currencies, and amounts allow for meticulous financial documentation. Each transaction is recorded with the necessary detail to provide a transparent financial snapshot.


Summary for Quick Overviews

The Summary tab offers a streamlined view, displaying names and amounts in the designated currency. This enables a quick assessment of the financial situation, simplifying the task of managing cash flow statements.


Comprehensive Payroll Integration

Moving to the Payroll tab, you can specify the payroll year, month, and parity, integrating individual transaction records into broader payroll management. This ensures seamless connection between cash statements and payroll processing.


Extended Functionalities

Additional tabs for comments, attachments, and status activity logs further enhance the module, providing space for notes, supporting documents, and a comprehensive log of all statement activities.


Discover NOZZLE's Payroll Management Module

With NOZZLE, you gain not only a tool but a partner in financial management for the shipping industry. With NOZZLE, experience the assurance of having a robust system designed to support the unique financial aspects of ship management.