Efficient Financial Navigation with NOZZLE: Simplify Crew Salary and Cash Advances Management


Navigating the financial complexities of maritime operations becomes effortless with NOZZLE Ship Management Software's Monthly Salary feature, part of our Crew module. Specifically, within the Statement of Cash section, users can streamline the management of crew advances and financial communication between vessel and office.


Monthly Salary Management at a Glance

Using the intuitive search function, you can quickly locate records by selecting a vessel and specifying the date range. This targeted search ensures that you can track and manage cash advances efficiently and effectively.


Detail-Oriented Cash Advance Statements

In the Add/Update Statement of Cash Advance interface, essential information such as the vessel, the period from-to, the reporting individual, and the department must be filled out. These fields are crucial for accurate tracking and reporting of financial advances to crew members.


Vessel/Office Communication

A dedicated section for vessel and office communication ensures that comments and remarks are recorded, facilitating clear and trackable dialogue regarding cash advances. This feature fosters transparency and aids in resolving any queries or issues promptly.


Simplified Document Management

The attachment feature enables users to upload relevant documents, further ensuring that all communications and transactions are fully documented and easily accessible.


Discover NOZZLE's Monthly Salary Capabilities

We provide a full suite of solutions tailored to the maritime industry's unique financial requirements. By choosing NOZZLE, you gain access to a powerful tool that simplifies the financial aspects of ship management, from salary distribution to cash advance tracking—all within a comprehensive, cloud-based software environment.