Optimize Onboard Supply Management with NOZZLE: Ensuring Crew Readiness at Sea


Ensuring that crew members have the supplies they need is essential for smooth operations at sea. NOZZLE Ship Management Software includes a Supply Assignments feature within the Additional section of the Crew module to manage this task efficiently.


Supply Assignments Simplified

The Supply Assignments section is designed for ease of use, allowing you to enter critical information such as crew, vessel, material category, material, storage location, supply date, and quantity. This functionality enables the creation of new supply assignment records, ensuring all materials are accounted for and distributed as required.


Facilitating Effective Supply Distribution

With NOZZLE, the process of assigning and tracking supplies is made hassle-free. Users can quickly allocate resources to the designated crew and vessels, keeping a clear record of when and where supplies are distributed.


Discover NOZZLE's Supply Assignment Feature

Learn more about the Supply Assignments feature by NOZZLE. We detail how NOZZLE helps you manage your vessel's inventory and ensures your crew has the necessary materials, contributing to the operational success of your maritime activities.


Rely on NOZZLE for a systematic approach to managing supplies on board, optimizing your inventory processes, and maintaining detailed records for accountability and planning.