Elevate Crew Training and Certification with NOZZLE's Comprehensive Management System


Ensuring the highest standards of maritime training and crew readiness is pivotal in the ship management industry. NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s Training module within the Crew section embodies this focus, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to maintain and track crew training, certifications, and competencies.


Efficient Training Oversight

Our system provides detailed tracking of crew training activities through a user-friendly search interface, allowing selections based on vessel, crew, rank, status, training categories, and specific trainings within designated timeframes. This precision in managing crew development ensures all qualifications are up to date.


Simplified Training Record Maintenance

The Add/Update Training feature is designed for ease of use, necessitating inputs such as crew member, training category, specific training, expiration date, and status. These required fields guarantee that every training detail is accounted for and recorded accurately.


Document Management for Training Records

A key component of this module is the document attachment function, which enables easy uploading and retention of training certificates, keeping crew credentials current and easily accessible for compliance purposes.


Discover NOZZLE’s Training Capabilities

We provide maritime operators with essential tools to ensure their crew is well-trained and certified, all organized within a cloud-based software environment.


Choose NOZZLE for a state-of-the-art training management system that not only simplifies the maintenance of crew qualifications but also significantly enhances the operational readiness and safety of your maritime activities.