Master Crew Assignments with Ease Using NOZZLE's Advanced Ship Management Features


Efficiently managing crew assignments to various vessels is a cornerstone of ship management. NOZZLE's ship management software includes a robust Assignments section within the Crew module, designed to facilitate the allocation of personnel to vessels with precision and ease.


Vessel Selection and Details at a Glance

Begin with a seamless vessel selection via the search bar, which immediately brings up the chosen vessel's details, including gross tonnage, propulsion power, and safety capacities. This ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips before making staffing decisions.


Efficient Rank Assignment Process

Once you have selected a vessel, the intuitive interface allows you to choose from a comprehensive list of ranks. With a simple click, you can assign the appropriate ranks to the Vessel Manning List, which dynamically updates to reflect your choices.


Effortless Reassignment

Flexibility is key in ship management, and our software reflects this. If the need arises to reassess your manning list, you can easily remove ranks, sending them back to the All Rank pool for reassignment.


User-Friendly Interface

NOZZLE prides itself on a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex processes, ensuring that the management of your fleet's crew is both effective and adaptable to changing circumstances.


Consistent Compliance

With NOZZLE, compliance with maritime crewing regulations is straightforward. Our software supports maintaining the required crew complement, helping you meet both safety and regulatory standards.


Deeper understanding of NOZZLE can enhance your ship management process. Discover a tool that empowers you to manage your crew assignments with confidence and control.