Ensure Maritime Compliance with NOZZLE: Optimize Work and Rest Hours Management


Compliance with work and rest hours is a critical aspect of maritime operations, ensuring both safety at sea and crew wellbeing. NOZZLE Ship Management Software offers a dedicated section within the Crew module to manage these regulations effectively.


Work and Rest Hours Management

Utilize the search bar to select vessels and set time periods, then load the necessary data to view the crew list with corresponding ranks, start dates, and end dates. This feature makes it simple to oversee the adherence to work and rest schedules, which are pivotal for operational efficiency and compliance with maritime labor conventions.


Efficient Convention Compliance

Within the Work and Rest Hours section, users can add and review resting conventions that are applicable to their vessels. This includes adherence to standards, ensuring that all operations are up to the required international norms.


Customizable Schedules

The system allows for the customization of work and rest hours, which can be tailored according to rank or individual crew member needs. Users can easily create and modify default schedules, ensuring that each vessel's operations meet regulatory requirements and adapt to the demands of each voyage.


Efficient Record Keeping and Updates

For each crew member, the software can track the resting convention records, which include valid from and to dates and specific provisions. Ensuring accurate and up-to-date records supports compliance and aids in audit preparations.


Explore the Work and Rest Hours module. Discover how NOZZLE can assist in efficiently managing your crew's schedules, ensuring compliance, and promoting well-being aboard your vessels.