Enhance Document Organization in Maritime Operations with NOZZLE’s Document Categories


In the meticulous world of maritime operations, organizing documents efficiently is as critical as navigating the open seas. NOZZLE's ship management software features a robust Documents module with a Data Bank section dedicated to Document Categories. Here, precision and order in document management are not just an option—they are a given.


Tailor Your Document Management System

The Document Categories option under the Documents header allows you to create and manage categories that reflect the specific documentation needs of your fleet. From Safety Management System (SMS) manuals to procedural forms, each category can be tailored to align with your operational practices and regulatory requirements.


Create Categories with Ease

With the ability to add new document categories, the system ensures that your documentation can grow and adapt with your organizational requirements. Each new category can be described and marked active, forming a custom structure that makes document retrieval straightforward and reliable.


Discover the simplicity and adaptability of NOZZLE’s Document Categories within the Data Bank, and how it can transform your maritime document management.