Ensure Compliance and Efficiency with NOZZLE’s Document Upload & Publish Feature


In the maritime world, managing documentation efficiently is essential for compliance and operational efficiency. NOZZLE’s ship management software features a robust Document Upload & Publish functionality within the Documents module, crafted to support maritime professionals in handling their crucial documentation needs.


Simplified Document Handling

The software’s search capability allows users to easily find documents using keywords, making the process of document retrieval straightforward. This function is crucial for accessing the right documents quickly, particularly when time-sensitive decisions depend on up-to-date information.


Meticulous Documentation Updates

When uploading or revising documents, essential fields such as Document Category, Document No, Document Title, and Issue Date need to be completed to ensure the thoroughness of records. The addition of new document revisions is facilitated through the intuitive Add/Update Document Revision screen.


Collaboration and Compliance in One Place

The module’s tabs, including ISM Form, Viewer, SMS Revision Recommendations, Schedulers, and Reviews, offer a comprehensive suite of tools. These features enable collaboration, scheduling, and the tracking of revision recommendations, ensuring documents are not just current but also aligned with the latest compliance standards.


Discover the full potential of NOZZLE's Document Upload & Publish feature to keep your maritime operations informed and compliant.