Efficiently Manage ISM Records with NOZZLE's Documents Module


Compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code is crucial for the maritime industry. NOZZLE’s ship management software offers a comprehensive ISM Records feature within the Documents module, designed to facilitate the handling of essential maritime safety documentation.


Effective Search and Filtering for ISM Records

Easily navigate through a wealth of safety documents using the search bar. Input keywords to filter and find specific ISM Records, such as SOLAS regulations or SMS Manuals and Forms. This search functionality ensures that you have quick access to the documents necessary for compliance and safety audits.


Seamless ISM Record Creation and Updates

Creating and updating an ISM Record within NOZZLE is mandatory and straightforward. The process requires selecting the Vessel, Document Tree, and the ISM Document from predefined lists. Uploading the associated ISM Form is done through a simple file selection interface, accommodating a variety of document formats.


Collaboration and Record-Keeping Made Simple

With fields for both Office and Vessel Comments, the platform promotes seamless communication between shore and ship. Attachments related to the ISM documents can be easily uploaded, downloaded, or deleted, making document management and record-keeping efficient and centralized.



NOZZLE’s Documents module with its ISM Records feature stands as an essential tool for managing the complexities of maritime safety documentation.